Company Profile:

IMC Technologies Inc. is a Swiss company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The main activity of IMC is software development & system integration specializing in:

IMC Technologies is a systems integrator that delivers cost-effective solutions from initial project consultancy to design, software development, customization, integration, installation and, user training and onsite support.

IMC product families are modular and adaptable to a wide of clients' needs either as standalone application or integrated into a single, unified and collaborative workflow environment.

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Incite Solutions:

  1. Sports Instant Ingest and playback solution (Multicam ingest, MAM, Editing, distribution, Cloud)
  2. Product Asset Management PAM/MAM
  3. Disk Archive Management and third party LTO support
  4. Broadcast & post production workflow
    PDF Incite Production Workflow

Incite Products:

  1. Sports Instant replay:
    Continuous recording allowing users to consult media almost alive. Transcoding and YouTube upload of all or parts of the recorded media during the event. Monitoring, timecode synchronization, interfaces with score keeping.
    PDF Incite Sports Recording & Playback

  2. Ingest Server HD/SD:
    Simple Incite Ingest Server for single or multichannel ingest with scheduling.

  3. Media Asset Management (MAM):
    Incite MAM is an advanced tool to handle metadata, logging, search, view and transcodes media assets on anything from a single system to a networked environment. It has been developed from the ground up as an open architecture to meet the needs of broadcasters and any video content producers. The idea with INCITE MAM is to allow content producers to spend less time on searching material but to focus on their own production. This means that content producers can start selecting material for their production sessions with unparalleled ease.

  4. Incite News Editor MP/MPX:
    A powerful NLE solution offering an intuitive interface, real-time video/audio fx, advanced compositing features, animated titles and graphics.

  5. Incite Task Server and Render Node for Transcoding:
    The use of Incite Task Server technology expands the versatility of your post or broadcast facility by automating all transcoding, rendering and encoding tasks. Tasks are processed in the background and network distributive. Transcoding can begin during ingest or while media is being encoded to a playout format, allowing the re-purposing of media for proxy editing, archiving and alternative distribution.

  6. Disk Archive:
    Incite Disk Archive is a utility for near-line and LTO backup of media files. The archive may be performed from Master Clip or projects in the MAM or it may be performed on individual files on disk.

  7. Incite Cloud Server:
    We can automatically transfer all or selected media to our Cloud Server and give web browser based access from anywhere with configurable user access.

IMC Service & Support

IMC offers a wide range of services that combine skills and know-how from both the broadcast environment and IT software development.

IMC Services consist of:

PDF IMC Client References